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2016 Chevy Silverado High Country, Leveled on 20 x 12's, 30550s

OK Quiet on the set. Three, two Camera. Shut up. Action. I have no idea what Brad's doingbut you're watching Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Got another vehicle spotlight for you. It's the 2016 Silverado 1500. Now this is going to be a High Country with a leveling kit and then some twelve wides and 305 50's. Let's go. Like I said, we got a 2016 in this Chevy Silverado 1500.

So as usual, you'll hear my bias. It's got pretty much all the options. It's the High Country, so you're gonna see projector headlights, and in '16 they went with all the accent lighting. You'll see lots of extra chrome because of the High Country. You'll see the High Country mirrorswhich are tinted out, chromed. We'll show you some sweet interior and all that stuff. But, we have to do the drill. Let's talk fitment. So, these wheels, come check 'em out, Junior. We're gonna have to do a hot new on these, Junior. Deal.

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country Walk Through

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country Walk Through

This is gonna be a double up. So these are the Brute. Brute is a new wheel that came out. Um, right now I don't think they're allowing us to sell them; I don't think they're allowing anybody to sell them but themselves, but we're not going to take that away from them cause they're still badass. So this is the Reaper, and you can see it's in like a bronze-gold finish, and then it's got the machining all the way around the inside of the windows and the blades. That is a 20 by 12, and it's a negative 44 offsetand you'll see that it's a full six-inch lip Mumbles

Which one? The bottom one. - Oh my god. There you go. - You didn't buy that fancy thumb thing that lets you look down yet? Nope. - Oh boy. So you'll see, thoughwith the spokes being so straightthe minute this truck pulled inif I was just standing there guessingI would've said it's a 14 wide negative 76. This lip looks humongous, and I think it's because they went with such a small cap.

And then the spiked lug nuts stick out intensely because the cap is so small, and these blades are so straight every single spoke that it just makes it give the illusion of a massive lip. So it's a really cool wheel, it's the Brute Reaper like I said, 20 by 12, negative 44. And then he's running, ah, Nitto 420's. And that's the 420 S. An it's a 305 50, so that's like32 by 12, 32 and, 32.2, I think, by 12. Junior can put some text over the top of what I just said if I'm totally wrong.

But he's got the two and a...It's ait's called a level lift. It's a Rough Country two and a half inch level lift. So he's got the spacer in here up front, Junior. Which is like a two and a half, two to two and a half inch spacer, and then in the rear it takes out the stock two inch block and it replaces it with a three inch block. So it's hard to see because it's so closebut it still has a little bit of rake because he brought up the ass of it a little bit too, so you usually havelike a half inch rake where the back of the truck is about a half inch taller than the front.

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country

As far as trimming goes up fronthe didn't do any, but it's gonna continuously hit. You'll see that the paint is worn off of this screw right here, that's how close it is. So he says he's getting about one and a half turns out of the steering wheel, so it's more of a swerve than a turn at this point. But if you don't want to go chopping up your truckit's proof again that you could run this setup without doing any trimming. You'll see there's no trimming in the front, either. And you can run this setup as-is if you're willing to just let it rub a little bit.

The other option, because of the way that Chevy made these, you would have to cut all of this out, and then there's a big open pocket behind there. So this plastic corner, you'd be cutting all this out of there, and you would absolutely see that it's trimmed. With the newer Chevys, it's impossible to completely hide it like you could with the older style where the flap came all the way down and there was extra metal to tuck up behind there, so.

You know, if you're trying to keep a real clean truckwhich this one obviously is, being brand newthat's definitely an option that I would entertain because a little bit of rubbing doesn't matter. They're going to be looking at you at Walmart anyways because it's a sweet truck. So he's got 20% match tint and then a 5% browif you look at that front windshield.

And then of course factory is 20% on the rear window and on the side glass. (medium tempo hip hop music) And like I said, chrome spike lug nuts look absolutely amazing on these wheels. You're gonna see the chrome underneath. This is all High Country stuffand then chrome handles. I believe the tailgate is also chrome. Interior wise, is gonna be High Country all day.

So it's got that really cool, umI keep calling it camel, I should probably figure out what color that really ison a dark chocolate brown. When I first opened one of theseI went, oh my god, what is that. And then all of a sudden I wentoh my god, that is really cleanbecause it's got the complete, umreal wood trim all the way throughout and on the center console. And then it's got every option madeincluding the moon roof.

So, it's just, it's a really high-end luxury looking interior that really goes well with the black trucks when you put it all together. And then Junior, he's got the, umfactory power boards. I didn't even know they made thosebut now I want some. Can you open the door again? - You wanna see it? Camera one.

Camera two. Boom. - You can see to give it an extra touchhe came through and tinted the High Country mirror lenses. Just takes the little bit of orange that comes on the truck out of there. And then on his bow ties, both front and rearhe just used a really thick vinyl and did the American flag on front and rear.

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country

And then these have a dimple underneath thembut because he used a thicker vinylit really came out really clean and you can't see the, uhlittle dimples that they snuck in there. So. Badass truck. Remember what we taught you. Water doesn't really pool up in that hood even though it looks like there would be a giant puddle right now. It's an illusion. This thing really tips down. I'm going to point that out every time cause I'm just mystified by it.

Did I miss anything, Junior? Did I miss anything, Chase? That's it. That's Chase's truck. It's super badass. I would say, well get a profile shot. Because these 12 wide 305 50's on basically a leveling kit, he's sticking out a good solid three inches out of the fenders front and rear. And because it's not a lift, he didn't need any spacers.

They're already still a square setupand front and rear's sticking out about the same. So. It's a badass look. I'm thinking CO 24 might have to get some 12 wides and some 305's, Junior. Deal. - But we're gonna make it work without any leveling, and we're just gonna swerve instead of turn. Good luck. - 2017 swerving. Make sure you subscribemake sure you share, make sure you like. Peace.

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