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How-to Install Moab Seat-Pair YJ, TJ, JK 2017 Jeep Wrangler Corbeau

2017 Jeep Wrangler Corbeau

When shopping for a seat, one of the biggest differentiating factors is whether it has a fixed back or a reclining back. This does have a reclining back on both the passenger and the driver side seat. Another thing to take a look at is whether these are bolt in or you need an adapter bracket and as I mentioned, for your T js and your J ks, you will need the adapter bracket for these seats. Today, we're gonna talk through the installation of these seats, which is going to be a very simple one out of three wrench installation. These are gonna bolt directly in place of your factory seats, although with your TJ and your JK, you are going to need an adapter bracket. But when you do have that bracket, it's still a very easy bolt in install and it shouldn't take you more than an hour to complete. But we'll talk more about that installation in just a second. Now Corbeau does offer a couple of different seats.

They have the Corbeau sport, which is very much a factory looking seat without any sort of cut out or an additional harness. These are, of course, the moabs, which are gonna be one step up, still very factory looking and feeling, but with that cut out, and these do have the Corbeau logo on the front side where the sport seats do not. Then you can step up to the Baja RS seats, which are going to have some additional bolstering. And finally the Baja XRS seats, those are really going to be the most aggressive and most aftermarket looking seats.

They're gonna have a ton of bolstering on the bottom and on the side. They're gonna hold you really well when you're driving on the street, and when you're in those off camber situations off-road. And those seats are also going to accept a 3, 4 or 5 point harness if you have a harness bar and a cage that supports that. So those are gonna be the different choices that you have from Corbeau and how these seats are set apart a little bit from some of the other seats that are on the market. Now, in general, Corbeau does make a very high quality seat. They've been around for a long time, and their seats are going to be a little bit pricier than some of the others on the market, especially when you consider, for this set of seats in your TJ or your JK, you have to buy two adapter brackets that are a little over $ 100 eachyou are gonna have some money into your seats.

However, every time you get in the vehicle you're gonna sit in the seat, you're gonna be using that seat. The seats do take a lot of a beating when you're sliding in and out of that driver or passenger seat, you're bouncing around, you wanna be comfortable, you're taking long road trips. In my opinion, if you're going to be spending some money on the interior of your vehicle seats are a good place to do it, so these seats, all of a sudden, become worth the cost. From a construction standpoint, these are gonna have a tubular steel frame. These are going to have steel springs in the bottom of them, of course, foam over top of that, and then a choice of a couple different types of material.

These are available with neoprene, with some cloth, with vinyl, of course, as you see here and then, as I said, in a bunch of different colors. Each one of those is going to have the cut out here for a shoulder harness if your jeep does have a shoulder harness on it. Of course, it does have a spring loaded very easy to use recline. This does have a map pocket on the back of it, which is convenient for a little bit of additional storage, and overall it's just going to be a very well-built, very firm feeling seat. Getting these installed is a very easy one out of three wrench installation that shouldn't take you more than an hour with just some hand tools. Now, if you're installing this in your TJ or your JK, as I said before, you are going to have to purchase those adapters separately, and the first step in the install is going to be flipping the seat upside down and attaching the adapter to the bottom of the seat. From there, you can remove your factory seats out of your jeep and go ahead and bolt those adapters down in the factory locations with the factory hardware.

Very easy install anybody can do in their driveway. A pair of these seats, as you see them here, are right around $ 600. Again, if you need those adapters, they're a little over $ 100 each, so you are gonna have some money wrapped up in your seats. But as I mentioned before, in my opinion, if you're spending money on the interior the seats are the place to do it. So if you're looking for an aftermarket seat to put in your jeep to change up the look of the interior, because your factory seats are beat up, or because you're looking for a seat that has a cut out for a shoulder harness, I think these are going to be a really nice option for you. These are going to be a little bit more expensive than some of the others, especially by the time you buy those adapters if you need them for your jeep. But in the end, you are getting a high-quality seat that's going to look good and hold up for a long time.

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2016 Chevy Silverado High Country, Leveled on 20 x 12's, 30550s

OK Quiet on the set. Three, two Camera. Shut up. Action. I have no idea what Brad's doingbut you're watching Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Got another vehicle spotlight for you. It's the 2016 Silverado 1500. Now this is going to be a High Country with a leveling kit and then some twelve wides and 305 50's. Let's go. Like I said, we got a 2016 in this Chevy Silverado 1500.

So as usual, you'll hear my bias. It's got pretty much all the options. It's the High Country, so you're gonna see projector headlights, and in '16 they went with all the accent lighting. You'll see lots of extra chrome because of the High Country. You'll see the High Country mirrorswhich are tinted out, chromed. We'll show you some sweet interior and all that stuff. But, we have to do the drill. Let's talk fitment. So, these wheels, come check 'em out, Junior. We're gonna have to do a hot new on these, Junior. Deal.

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country Walk Through

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country Walk Through

This is gonna be a double up. So these are the Brute. Brute is a new wheel that came out. Um, right now I don't think they're allowing us to sell them; I don't think they're allowing anybody to sell them but themselves, but we're not going to take that away from them cause they're still badass. So this is the Reaper, and you can see it's in like a bronze-gold finish, and then it's got the machining all the way around the inside of the windows and the blades. That is a 20 by 12, and it's a negative 44 offsetand you'll see that it's a full six-inch lip Mumbles

Which one? The bottom one. - Oh my god. There you go. - You didn't buy that fancy thumb thing that lets you look down yet? Nope. - Oh boy. So you'll see, thoughwith the spokes being so straightthe minute this truck pulled inif I was just standing there guessingI would've said it's a 14 wide negative 76. This lip looks humongous, and I think it's because they went with such a small cap.

And then the spiked lug nuts stick out intensely because the cap is so small, and these blades are so straight every single spoke that it just makes it give the illusion of a massive lip. So it's a really cool wheel, it's the Brute Reaper like I said, 20 by 12, negative 44. And then he's running, ah, Nitto 420's. And that's the 420 S. An it's a 305 50, so that's like32 by 12, 32 and, 32.2, I think, by 12. Junior can put some text over the top of what I just said if I'm totally wrong.

But he's got the two and a...It's ait's called a level lift. It's a Rough Country two and a half inch level lift. So he's got the spacer in here up front, Junior. Which is like a two and a half, two to two and a half inch spacer, and then in the rear it takes out the stock two inch block and it replaces it with a three inch block. So it's hard to see because it's so closebut it still has a little bit of rake because he brought up the ass of it a little bit too, so you usually havelike a half inch rake where the back of the truck is about a half inch taller than the front.

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country

As far as trimming goes up fronthe didn't do any, but it's gonna continuously hit. You'll see that the paint is worn off of this screw right here, that's how close it is. So he says he's getting about one and a half turns out of the steering wheel, so it's more of a swerve than a turn at this point. But if you don't want to go chopping up your truckit's proof again that you could run this setup without doing any trimming. You'll see there's no trimming in the front, either. And you can run this setup as-is if you're willing to just let it rub a little bit.

The other option, because of the way that Chevy made these, you would have to cut all of this out, and then there's a big open pocket behind there. So this plastic corner, you'd be cutting all this out of there, and you would absolutely see that it's trimmed. With the newer Chevys, it's impossible to completely hide it like you could with the older style where the flap came all the way down and there was extra metal to tuck up behind there, so.

You know, if you're trying to keep a real clean truckwhich this one obviously is, being brand newthat's definitely an option that I would entertain because a little bit of rubbing doesn't matter. They're going to be looking at you at Walmart anyways because it's a sweet truck. So he's got 20% match tint and then a 5% browif you look at that front windshield.

And then of course factory is 20% on the rear window and on the side glass. (medium tempo hip hop music) And like I said, chrome spike lug nuts look absolutely amazing on these wheels. You're gonna see the chrome underneath. This is all High Country stuffand then chrome handles. I believe the tailgate is also chrome. Interior wise, is gonna be High Country all day.

So it's got that really cool, umI keep calling it camel, I should probably figure out what color that really ison a dark chocolate brown. When I first opened one of theseI went, oh my god, what is that. And then all of a sudden I wentoh my god, that is really cleanbecause it's got the complete, umreal wood trim all the way throughout and on the center console. And then it's got every option madeincluding the moon roof.

So, it's just, it's a really high-end luxury looking interior that really goes well with the black trucks when you put it all together. And then Junior, he's got the, umfactory power boards. I didn't even know they made thosebut now I want some. Can you open the door again? - You wanna see it? Camera one.

Camera two. Boom. - You can see to give it an extra touchhe came through and tinted the High Country mirror lenses. Just takes the little bit of orange that comes on the truck out of there. And then on his bow ties, both front and rearhe just used a really thick vinyl and did the American flag on front and rear.

2016 Chevy Silverado High Country

And then these have a dimple underneath thembut because he used a thicker vinylit really came out really clean and you can't see the, uhlittle dimples that they snuck in there. So. Badass truck. Remember what we taught you. Water doesn't really pool up in that hood even though it looks like there would be a giant puddle right now. It's an illusion. This thing really tips down. I'm going to point that out every time cause I'm just mystified by it.

Did I miss anything, Junior? Did I miss anything, Chase? That's it. That's Chase's truck. It's super badass. I would say, well get a profile shot. Because these 12 wide 305 50's on basically a leveling kit, he's sticking out a good solid three inches out of the fenders front and rear. And because it's not a lift, he didn't need any spacers.

They're already still a square setupand front and rear's sticking out about the same. So. It's a badass look. I'm thinking CO 24 might have to get some 12 wides and some 305's, Junior. Deal. - But we're gonna make it work without any leveling, and we're just gonna swerve instead of turn. Good luck. - 2017 swerving. Make sure you subscribemake sure you share, make sure you like. Peace.

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2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 3.5 RC Lift, 20x10, 33's

Hey guys today we got another vehicle spotlight for you today. It's a '13 Chevy Silverado 1500. She's gonna have the 3 1/2 inch Rough Country up front. Pro-Ryde in the back, and 20 by 10 negative 24's on some 33-ish's, let's go.

We got them mean trucks, decked out Rollin through the woods and they flexed out Rims so big and the windows black Got the light bar lit up double chromed out stacks. Yeah we love to get em dirty, but still they so clean Custom offsets, team stance is the team.

2013 Chevy Silverado 1500

We on top of it now, we ain't never going fade. So ya better be ready we taking over the game. Okay guys like I said, it's the 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 and then for the suspension what we did it's got the Rough Country 3 1/2. So what that's gonna be is the upper control arm sand then you'll see the spacer up above the strut there. And that's what brings that whole front end up 3 1/2.

And what you do then is you've gotta match up the rears so it's got the larger block, it's got a four inch block in it from a Pro-Ryde kit, he wanted to make sure that it didn't have any sag whatsoever, so that's what we did. And then it's got the Rough Country shocks in the rear.

Now, this thing's totally loaded down with the stock wheel so you'll see it squats a little bit but that's because he's got 500 pounds worth of wheels and tires in the back. So as far as up front, it's got the 20 by 10 negative 24 Fuel Mavericks, so that's gonna be a decent-size lip wheel. You'll see that one is right, no, a good full four inches they got a good size lip outta that.

2013 Chevy Silverado 1500

So it's gonna have that four inch lip on it and this is the milled edge matte black version of it. It's a 20 by 10 negative 24, and then for tires it's wrapped in a Toyo Open Country AT II Extreme so it's that nice, aggressive all-terrain and these are a 295 55. What that equates out to be is it's like a 32.8so it's almost 33 inches tall. And then it's like 11 1/2, so it's a little bit narrower and that's what allows you to be able to squeeze this in here by just doing a Nor-Cal tuck. So down underneath there, Mario, if you can look way underneath, you'll see that it's got the Nor-Cal tuck moving everything back, so that you create this clearance in here. And then we suck in that liner with a couple of screws.

And then up front, they had to do a trim on the valance a trim on the inside of that bumper to make a little bit of room and then pull that liner all forward to keep it up and out of the way of that tire. So this is pretty much as aggressive as you can go and if you look down the side of it you'll see she's sticking' out, you know-about an inch and a half, two inches, front to back. And because it's not a knuckle lift it's just the upper control arms to correct those angles and that spacer, you'll see it doesn't push the front out any more than factory, so it keeps a square setup. So that's gonna be the wheels and tires. As far as the rest of the upgrades on this oneit's gonna have a single row, Rough Country-up in the bumper slot.

2013 Chevy Silverado 1500

You'll see it's got the vent visors, the AVS vent visors. And then the topper on the back. And that should be it, Mario. That's the whole story, you wanna take a peek inside? It's got the full leather optioned out it's got the moon roof. Nice truck, looking' a lot better. She came in stock, so now she's got a little style to her. And that's pretty much what we love doing'.

And that's that pearl, the pearl white that GM came out with so it's got kind of an off-white pearl look to it. So that is your 2013 with the 3 1/2 inch Rough Country and it's got the Pro-Ryde blocks in the back to bring the back end up nice and level and then she's got the 20 by 10 Fuel Mavericks on basically 33's. Peace.